Canada House Gallery

Richard has shown his work at Canada House since 2003. This is one amazing gallery with a staff that truly loves art. The gallery is in Banff, Alberta, Canada

West End Gallery

West End Gallery has two locations, one in Edmonton and the other in Victoria. Dan and Lana have been running this gallery for over 40 years. They know there stuff.

Gibson Fine Art

Located in Calgary Alberta Canada, The Gibson Fine art is run by Patti Dibski. The gallery is in a brand new space.  Patti also has a furniture store in the area.

Halde Galerie

Halde Gallerie has two locations in Switzerland, The first is in the town of Widen just outside of Zurich the other is in the Swiss Alps, St Moritz. The Gallery is run by the fabulous sculpture artist Evelyne Brader

Oceanside Gallery

A boutique gallery in the town of Qualicum Beach on Vancouver Island. Heather is expanding her gallery and has moved to a new location.

Van Dop Gallery

Trudy Van Dop is a special art lover. Her gallery is in New Westminster BC. She is involved in so  much art. Visit her site to see what she is up to.