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Fort Langley based artist Richard Cole was born in Edmonton and graduated from the Alberta University of the Arts. His work, collected in corporate and private collections worldwide, celebrates the textures of the ephemeral and the unexpected beauty of land and water.  It captures the vast spaces of Alberta’s prairielands, the dark tangle of wildness that is BC’s Fraser River delta, and the oceanscapes of BC's West Coast. In counterpoint to his sweeping vision, Richard's work also honours small moments: bright poppies against dull grasses, the textures of bark, the promise of clouds, and the transient legacies of human settlement. Recently, Richard has returned to figurative work in oversized portraits of humans and wildlife and has illustrated two successful children’s books

Of my Colour


 Disruptions are a response to living in changing environments – both the personal one he carries inside him and the one outside his door, each a rich visual place from which he makes his art.  His Disruptions series puts aside romantic views of place and inscribes a new reality on landscape, where fear and questioning live side by side with beauty and wonder. 

Light Series

Light in my work has has always been considered a building block of form. Chiaroscuro, an Italian Renaissance word refers to the arrangement of light and shade in a work of art is in my toolbox. I am always conscious of how and where the light comes from in a picture. I have always considered the viewer when working on a painting. I like to create an image that the viewer might walk into. As if the light within the work is behind the viewer, bringing the viewer into the work. 

My latest series is the opposite approach to light. Now I describe light not behind the viewer but rather at the viewer. Shining, glaring, almost too bright in description. My goal is the feeling of warmth and space, intangible in a painting but true in ones emotional response

Kaiden #portrait #oilpainting


Portrait painting has been a passion of Richard Cole for many years. 'I find it challenging, difficult, and frustrating but I love it. Nothing in painting can keep my interest like the relationship of colour in a portrait.'


Children's books. Available at your local bookstore or through amazon.

 Fort Langley  British Columbia  Canada

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